Manhattan Shoe-Box Apartment: Making it There

Manhattan architect Luke Clark Tyler rents this 78-square foot space for $800.00 a month in mid-town. Throughout the video you’ll hear him saying, “I work from home, so…”—as if that fact enhanced the beauty of his living arrangements.

I can see how someone who seldom makes it home to sleep or eat–say, a medical student–might find Tyler’s set up ideal. And I applaud the low carbon-imprint of Tyler’s life style—the “McMansions” up my country road should blush! I can also remember a time—over 20 years ago—when I wished my possessions would all fit into my 4-door sedan. However, part of that youthful longing was for less cluttered, more open living space–and a life free of moving companies. But the idea of spending all working hours and personal time in such tight, economic quarters makes me think of the challenges of a trip to Mars!

For more stories and videos about sustainable life choices, go to Fair Companies.
(Recommended by Andrew Revkin, DotEarth, New York Times)

[First posted September 25, 2011, at]


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